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Interview with Strap Design Contest Winner Liat Linker

Meet Liat Linker, one of the winners of the Source 2012 Strap Design Contest.

Liat answered a few of our questions about herself, the contest and her winning designs:

What is the studio’s main field of work?

Graphic Design and Product Development

Do you have experience with textile design?

I have experience in textile design from my line of work as part of providing a complete design solution to various companies.

What is your connection to SOURCE?

From my shoe closet obviously!  I think everyone has a pair of SOURCE sandals waiting for that next great hike…

What inspired your strap designs?

As a fashion lover I’ve noticed in several fashion shows the dégradé motif in fabrics that I really liked and I thought it would be interesting to try and create something new that combines different worlds, materials and styles.

Was the work on the strap designs fast or prolonged?

When you have a clear image in your mind implementation is easy.

How did you learn about the contest? What made you decide to participate?

My spouse, Daniel, who’s the owner of Quntz Design, sent me a link to the contest. I entered the site out of curiosity and was pulled in. All in all there’s something very playful and fun in creating designs and adjusting colors.

How was the work on the straps (working with the online interface, and general design) compared to the type of work you usually do?

Most of my daily work projects are commissioned and the client defines the boundaries, and here the design work was a type of self expression and free creation, and that was a lot of fun and a refreshing relief.

If you have something more to add we’d like to hear and publish it…

During the last year I worked on new product designs in various fields, so I was happy to be given the opportunity to participate in this cool project and get acquainted with a new world.

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