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Interview with Strap Design Contest Winners Adi Shpigel & Keren Tomer

Meet Adi Shpigel and Keren Tomer, one set of winners of the Source 2012 Strap Design Contest. Shpigel & Tomer, the founders and driving force behind Kulla, an Industrial Design Studio based here in Israel, answered a few of our questions about themselves, the contest and their winning designs:

What is the studio’s primary field of work?

Work in the studio focuses primarily on furniture and lighting design and it’s based on materials research and developing new methods that reflect our work philosophy.

In addition, the studio provides design services to various clients (textile, packaging, toys), from concept to final development.

Do you have experience with textile design?

We don’t design textiles, but we really love to work with various types of textile as part of the product design process. We’ve designed products that used textile, such as bags, toys and baby products.

What is your connection to SOURCE?

We don’t have one… Nice to meet you…

What inspired your strap designs?

We drew our inspiration for the plaid design from the fashion industry. We tried to imitate the way an embedded Pepita fabric is woven, and to adjust it to the way SOURCE’s straps are woven. In the 3D design, we treated the weave as pixels in order to give the 3D illusion.

Was the work on the strap designs fast or prolonged?

We treated it just like any other design work we do. We began with concept development and research, drew sketches and experimented until we reached the results that we liked. Each of the models we submitted had several sketches with different patterns and shades.

Did you work together or separately on the designs?

We worked together.

How did you learn about the contest? What made you decide to participate?

We happened upon it by chance on the Web and decided to rise up to the challenge.

How was the work on the straps (working with the online interface, and in general) compared to the type of work you usually do?

The strap design’s application interface was very comfortable to use and even addictive. Other than that, we found it interesting to learn about the strap industry and how they’re produced. The clear rules and boundaries that the weave method dictates narrow down the design options, and that made the design process a creative challenge for us.

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