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Tirat Carmel, Home of Source

View of Tirat Carmel

For a country no bigger than the state of New Jersey, Israel boasts an amazingly varied landscape with seven different and incredible climate zones. From the snow capped mountains of the North to the vast unforgiving deserts in the South and everything in between, Israel has it all. Barring tropical rainforests, there really is something for every outdoor enthusiast of every level to go out and enjoy. It is no exception here at Tirat Carmel, the small municipal city just south of Haifa and the city Source calls home.

Over the years, Source has developed very strong links with the local Tirat Carmel community and for Source there really is no better place to be. Situated in the foothills of Mount Carmel and the very northern edge of the pine laden Carmel Forest, Tirat Carmel has a rich history. Although only granted city status in 1992, Tirat Carmel’s history dates back to the Roman times and was the location of a Crusader castle, which gave the town its name. The modern city as we know it really started growing after 1949. With its location just south of Israel’s main port city of Haifa, it has grown to be a busy city with a population of just over 20,000 residents.


For the outdoor enthusiast Tirat Carmel is surrounded by beautiful wooded hills that have hiking and biking paths stretching for miles and miles. Indeed, every type of adventurer is catered to since the area has steep gradients, pleasant stream walks, and asphalt roads all set amongst the stunning backdrop of the Carmel forest, which was so recently devastated in the three day wildfire. It was only six months ago when that catastrophe decimated the rich and varied wildlife of the area, but with the help of the Source Give One Chance Foundation and others, the green shoots of recovery are quite literally rising through the ashes and the stunning biking and hiking trails will be enjoyed once more.

Sunset Tirat Carmel Beach

It’s not just about the forests here at Tirat Carmel. We also have beautiful sandy beaches only minutes away; long white empty beaches that stretch for miles overlooking the sun kissed Mediterranean. The beaches never get too busy and a sunset horseback ride along the shoreline can be a magical event. In fact, the whole area can be enjoyed equally on horseback, on the saddle of a bike or in a pair of Source trekking sandals. With so many great locations to test our products right on our own doorstep,  is it any wonder that Source produces the very finest equipment for the outdoor adventurer?!.

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    the panoramic picture is really cool. looks like a great place. hope I can visit someday.

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