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Make a Vid, then say Cheese!

…on your very own Nikon D90 camera that you won! Got it? Let’s clarify – we are looking for YouTube clips that feature our very own Spresh bottle. The best  video will bag the sleek semi-pro design of the Nikon D90 , so how is that for incentive?

People are getting creative, silly, bizarre, interesting, and downright fresh with their YouTube uploads. Just shoot a clip involving the Spresh water bottle and share it with us.  You can already see some wacky Spresh  vids on YouTube and on, so leave a comment and feel free to rate them as well. Full disclosure: some of them are, shall we say, rather odd.

Of course,  the ‘best’  video will be decided democratically, by viewers rating the videos on a scale from 1 to 5. The contest is open until December 31st of this year, but it’s never too soon to Spresh around.


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