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“The plan is useless; it’s the planning that’s important”

Dwight D Eisenhower’s words crossed my mind after my friend Matt Sordill, a gifted bike mechanic, left my house.

We dedicated an hour to a thorough bike inspection, bike fixes and some first aid tips.
New crank bearing, new chain and new pedals are a few of the components that Matt has suggested to replace. Electrician tape, zip tie, and the most shocking of all tips: do not use a degreaser to clean the chain??!!!

Not to use a degreaser?
A post ride routine I’ve had for years is all of the sudden a taboo?!
It’s as if your dentist told you not to brush your teeth…

Well, apparently the best method to clean a chain is this:

  1. Lube the chain while pedaling backwards
  2. Wrap a dry cloth around the chain part between the crank and the rear derailleur
  3. Peddle backwards to collect all extra oil while getting the oil into the chain links and pin
  4. Continue until the chain color is back to the original color


For Kokopelli trail Matt even suggested not cleaning the chain but to drop a few oil drips at the end of each day and spin backwards gently.

I guess I have a new routine now…


Below is a preliminary checklist which I’ve put together for the Kokopelli trail.

Next time I’ll tell you why I chose these items and more about my training routine, which I hope will ensure a successful and enjoyable trail.


  • Bike
  • Bike Case
  • Nonperishable food like: whole grain pasta, dry fruit mix, dry cereal, canned food, bread
  • Energy drink powder
  • Source Whistler hydration pack
  • 2  spare tires
  • 4  spare tubes
  • Spare bike parts like rear derailleur, cable shifters, bolts, spare cleats.
  • Bike tools like Allen, spoke tool, cassette tool
  • Buttcreame
  • Sun cream
  • Tent and sleeping bag.
  • Sunglasses
  • Bike cloths, including gloves and a rain jacket (just in case)
  • Helmet
  • Mini pump, Co2 and patch kit


As always, if you have any tips/suggestions or stories of your own you’d like to share – post a comment…


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  1. מיקו
    מיקו at |

    אוזן למעביר האחורי

  2. Miko
    Miko at |

    Here are some additions to your list:
    1. rear derailleur ear
    2. nutrition: salt stick
    3. nutrition: magnesium
    4. nutrition: gel (with caffeine)
    5. spare tube must have sealer
    6. butt cream: go with beljum budder – the best (for me…)
    7. gloves: long and thermal for the temperature you gonna be
    8. if you wheels tubes are using presta, have an adapter presta-to-Schrader – helpful in gas station car pump

  3. Gili
    Gili at |

    Thanks for the aditions to my list, I always carry 2 rear der hanger…

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