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The Art of Nite-Riding

It was hard to resist a 60 degree (15 degrees Celsius) evening on Feb 1st., an unusually warm weather breaking many records across the east coast. However, I was more interested in continuing my training regimen for the Kokopelli trail ride.

Less than 30 minutes from the time I got home from work and I was ready to hit the trails. Nite-Riding to the park on the road (about 20 minutes). It’s super important to be visible and to see where you go. Spinner 3 Pro has an enormous carrying capacity which helps not just to hold a 3L bladder, spare tubes, hand pump, food etc., but also 2 headlight batteries and extra clothing, like rain jacket (just in case). Further, the Spinner 3 Pro has built in back reflectors which help with rider visibility at night.

I ended up riding for 2 hours with my friend Yohan (an excellent rider) across a diverse terrain: fire roads, single-tracks, creak crossing and much more.

On the way back home I stopped by my very good friend Eric M for a cup of green tea and small talk before continuing home.

More on Eric, Yohan, Evan and training in the next posts.

Till next time…


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