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Zen and the art of Bike Training

The old saying that there are no shortcuts in life was probably written by a bike rider. If you really want to enjoy bike riding, beside to ride to the deli and back, training is the key.

There are numerous books, articles, posts, blogs and other materials talking about all sort of methodologies, heart rate zone, heart rate, power etc. My angle is quite simple: training isn’t just physical work, it is a mental state. It’s all about commitment, grit, not surrendering. It’s the motivation to wake up at 5:00 AM for a ride, when it’s freezing outside, or commit to a strict diet and always know what you eat, when and how.

Unlike running and other sports, where 3 hours a week will pay dividend quiet fast, 3 hours on the bike a week will take you maybe to the deli.
I receive assistance from an excellent pro bike racer, Brian L, who understands my duties (family, work, hobbies) and adjusts the schedule accordingly. Brian keeps reminding me to stick to my own plan, my own goals, my own schedule, and that we all have our unique goals and qualities.
We each need to understand our advantages and disadvantages and create our own personal training schedule accordingly, not forgetting our “regular” lives.

Last Sunday I did my favorite training work out, hybrid: riding MTN bike on the road to a remote location, ride the trails for some time and return home on the road. I met with three great friends: Brian C, Evan and my esteemed colleague, Harper. Overall it took me 4 hours including 3 hours on the road and one hour off-road. The trails were a bit muddy but who cares when you’re having fun…

Here I feed my esteemed colleague Harper with Carrot, my favorite post ride snack:


About Me

My name is Gili Torovezky. I was born and raised in Haifa, Israel, and I’ve lived in NJ, US, for the past 11 years.

A father (to adorable twin girls), a husband (to a lovely wife and care giving woman), a friend (hope good to many), a sibling (to two fine sisters), a cousin (to many), an uncle (to two long distance nieces) and above all, focus on the important things in life: modesty, perspective, success, happiness, values.

My passion is the outdoor or anything that takes my heart to go above 120 BPM.

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