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EOCA members vote for projects


EOCA LogoThe European Outdoor Conservation Association is a nonprofit organization working towards conserving our ecosystems. Harnessing the power of some of the biggest outdoor, sports and nature related companies in the world, the EOCA aims to preserve the world’s natural beauty and resources.

Every member can nominate up to 3 projects each year that they would like the Association to support. A shortlist from all the nominations is then drawn up, and every member can vote for what they think are the most worthwhile.

Together we have repaired trails in the Eastern Tyrol and Scotland, sent an expedition to research what will become of a protected area of Madagascar, created elephant corridors in India, protected the red-footed falcon in Bulgaria and protected the brown bear in northern Spain. We have saved an ancient forest in Sweden from logging, replanted mangrove swamps in Sri Lanka and Atlantic rainforest in Brazil and cleaned a mountain in Kyrgyzstan. And the list goes on. And on. And we have only been operating for five years. Imagine what we could look back on after 10 years. Fifteen? What a difference we could have made. Just a drop in the ocean, you might say – but that drop is growing bigger every time a new member joins…
Over the last 5 years, the European Outdoor Conservation Association has funded 36 projects in 26 different countries to the tune of €860,000! By July 2012, we hope to have committed our first €1 million to conservation projects……..

This year SOURCE decided to vote for the following projects:

  • Restoration of the Kaiserjoch Trail Germany
    An urgent project due to a huge rockfall which destroyed a major footpath in the Austrian Alps. Due to the constant danger of rockfall, the trail needs to be re-sited on the opposite side of the valley. The trail needs to be carefully sited to keep hikers away from sensitive areas, protecting wildlife.
  • The Eternal Valley, France
    This beautiful, wild valley in southern France, containing over 55 endangered species and housing 7 pure water springs is seeking permanent protection through Natura 2000, as well as bringing more visibility to the valley. 100% non-profit wild honey dedicated to wilderness protection will be produced and paths restored.
  • Into the Meadows, UK
    This project seeks to restore degraded meadows in the Yorkshire Dales, one of the last UK strongholds for traditionally managed, upland hay meadows, seen as one of the scarcest and most threatened habitats in the EU.


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