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Updates from the 2012 OutDoor Show

We just came back from the Outdoor Show in Friedrichshafen, Germany, where we showed our new line for spring 2013.

We had a great looking booth (that’s what people told us, check out the pictures), and our new products and the new campaign we launched (“Drink Water that Tastes Like Water”) got a lot of attention.

We can’t tell you about everything we showed, yet, but there are some products that are already available in our local market and on our website that you can try out:

New line of socks
We are the first in the outdoor industry to use copper (yes, copper) in socks instead of a silver ions based anti-microbial agent. Copper has many advantages over silver to the user and to the planet. Learn all about it here.

Spresh water bottles
Our new SPRESH displays certainly proved they’re doing a good job in drawing attention. Already available for POP, the SPRESH DISCO BALL draws people in from a good distance.
The new and revolutionary SPRESH bottle leaves no one indifferent. The innovative drinking experience certainly adds fun to your water, and we were happy to spread the word (and SPRESH bottles) to many visitors.

We presented two new additions to our Crosser family (with our Onestrap technology): the THIN CROSSER, and the KID’s CROSSER. Both styles are already available on our secure online store.

Drink Water That Tastes Like Water
Last but not least, we launched our “DRINK WATER THAT TASTES LIKE WATER” campaign. This new slogan simply says out loud why our hydration technology is the best you can find in the market. You will never have a bad after taste of plastic if you use our reservoirs. Taste the water, not the bladder. More about this campaign soon…

We’re working very hard to come up with the best products available on the market today. Check back soon for more news…


The show isn’t just hard work… here’s Yair having some fun… 🙂

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