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Introducing: UTA™

UTA™ – a revolutionary solution for refilling your hydration system on the move.

The UTA™ allows the reservoir to be filled directly through the drinking tube, eliminating the need to take the hydration pack off your back or even remove the system from your backpack.

Catering for backpackers, mountaineers and bikers, as well as military field units around the world, we realized refilling the reservoir is still very frustrating. Even with our quick connect systems that allow taking out the reservoir while leaving the tube in place, you still need the whole procedure: take the whole load off your back, take the bladder out, refill and then put it back into the full loaded pack. We developed the UTA to eliminate this complication, and streamline the reservoir’s use, including refilling.

The UTA™ has been designed to adapt to any standard tap or water bottle.

To prevent overfilling, the UTA™ visually indicates when the reservoir is full and will automatically disconnect to prevent any damage.

The UTA™ is compatible with all SOURCE systems featuring QMT (Quick Mate Technology) connectors. Simply “click out” the drinking valve from the tube’s end and “click in” the UTA.



SOURCE also offers a Rapid Refill Kit composed of:

  • UTA™ – the Universal Tube Adaptor
  • Co-ex Tube – 90cm long replacement tube.
  • Helix™ valve – our round shaped bite valve
  • QMT™ – our quick connect system. Compatible with our various valves, the UTA, and many filtering devices on the market.





Filling Time from a full 1.5L bottle: 50 sec.

Filling time from a tap: 2L in 45 sec, 3L in 65 sec.


How does it work? Watch our video:


Click here to download the UTA datasheet.

Click here for the UTA’s product page.



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