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  1. Rivka Goren
    Rivka Goren at |

    As his wife I could say that his love for outdoor biking is a big competition with family . But it makes him happy so…

  2. Linda
    Linda at |

    Not everyone is blessed with Raz’s fantastic curiosity and ability to read a map. His weekly publishing of new routes has made biking accessible to everyone. Thanks Raz!

  3. Ari
    Ari at |

    “Maestro” Raz Goren , as we call him in his MB riders group , is probably the best mountain bike rides designer of the country. He always combines in our rides amazing landscapes, historical or archaeologists sites , great single trails and , in summer, even refreshing baths in nature.

  4. Gili Torovezky
    Gili Torovezky at |

    Hi Raz,Well done for a comprehensive list of rides across Israel. As an avid mountain biker who lives in the past years in NY and comes here regularly for visiting I appreciate greatly al your hard work, passion and dedication. I used few of your recommendations and its spot on.
    We also share another passion: Source products. I’ve been using Source products and blogging in the past 2 years and cant be happier.

    Keep up the great job and hope to ride with you soon.

  5. erez
    erez at |

    there is no argument that the picture in the green north was taken in one of the best singles in Israel – MT gilboa.

    good for us

  6. Daniel Peled
    Daniel Peled at |

    More about Raz, that from day one he started liding the NR group, he always share the information to all on a way that every one can use it FOR FREE. Many times people wonder why he is not charged for the value information he published and he keeps saying:”
    I believe in open sharing information to all, not everything is for money ”

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