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Source around the world: Mountain biking in Italy

Last month we had a chat with Raz Goren about his “mountain bike dream playground” Israel. This month, Amedeo Liguori, bike-blogger from Italy, talks about his favourite trails in the foothills of the Alps. 

Amedeo Liguori truly loves the hills and mountains in his backyard: He’s been climbing them on his bike for 10 years, in his blog he features description and pictures of 60 beautiful mountain bike trails in the foothills of the Alps, and he just published a book about biking in the Verbano, suggesting 30 of his favourite tours.


On Cima Mottarone (Photo: Amedeo Liguori)


Biking the foothills of the Alps

Amedeo Liguori’s home-base features three main areas for biking: “Verbano has many trails facing Lake Maggiore – that’s why I love it a lot”, he says. “The trails in the Ossola region are on higher altitude. I like it too. The area of the third area, Cusio, is smaller but has many trails facing Lake Orta. These 3 areas have everything you could want during an excursion: the blue of lakes and all the colors of the mountains.” And he adds: “Everybody should come here to bike.”


On Cima Mazzoccone (Photo: Amedeo Liguori)


On the mountains all year round

The ‘official’ season ends in October. Many riders store their gear until spring. “But I sit on my bike all year round, usually three times a week, from January to December,” he says. “Biking in the snow is beautiful!” The only problem is, it gets dark early in the winter months, so he needs proper headlights. Needless to add: as a true mountain-man, he also skis in Ossola.


Piancavallo (Photo: Amedeo Liguori)


Emergency tools, Source – and a slice of pizza 

His equipment is relatively simple: For long tours, he uses his bike with full-suspension. For fast trails, the front-only suspended. For the short routes (about 1 or 2 hours) he only takes emergency tools (inner tube, pump, multitool, etc.). For the long routes, he also packs some energy bars next to his Source Hydration pack – and as a true Italian he adds “a sandwich or slice of pizza”.

His blog is available in Italian and English, the book so far only in Italian. But the English version is in the works. The book includes views of the most picturesque points and valuable data sheets.


Fueling up his Source Widepac (Photos: Ivana Murace)


Check out Amedeo’s blog and bike tours in his book, or online. And share with us: What is your favourite ‘playground’ for mountain biking? Where do you get your ideas for new trails and routes? What is your favourite mountain bike blog? We are curious!


Biking in the Verbano – 30 bike tours



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