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Thanks for the visit, guys!

We had the pleasure of hosting a bunch of the world’s most prominent Triathlon bloggers for lunch yesterday. They stopped by our factory & offices, just two days after the Israman Triathlon Race.

We were happy to show them around our factory, where our Source Hydration, Packs and Sandals are made. It’s always inspiring to meet and chat with athletes and pros, and we’re curious to hear their professional feedback on the DUNE Hydration Pack they all took home!

Check out their blogs and recent posts about their visit to Israel and to the SOURCE hq: Steve Stenzel aka Steve In A Speedo, Ben Greenfield writing for Everyman Triathlon, Tim Carlson for Slowtwitch, Nick Morales for Endurance Sports Travel and
Tim Hemming for 220 Triathlon.

Triathlon bloggers from England and USA visiting SOURCE
on their Israel tour, organized by Kinetis


In the factory where our hydration systems ...


... and SOURCE Sandals are manufactured


Find more pictures and comments on Facebook ( also on the page of Kinetis who set up the trip and the tour (

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