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Go Wild Kurdistan – With SOURCE Hydration & Sandals

It’s not your typical holiday hiking destination: Aran & Richard, two hikers and explorers based in Berlin, Germany, offer trips to Kurdistan. We are proud that SOURCE Hydration & Sandals are an important part of their unique experience.

“It’s not just about climbing some peak and then rushing down again and saying good bye.” Aran (29) and Richard (25), two Berlin based outdoor enthusiasts and explorers currently invite outdoor enthusiasts to join them this late summer on their guided Go Wild Kurdistan trips discovering the mountainous landscape in the area between Syria, Turkey and Iraq.

SOURCE Hydration System Hiking Equipment

“We were impressed with the flow of the SOURCE Helix Drinking Valve – it’s much easier to drink than with hydration systems we’ve used in the past.”

Beautiful Nature in Kurdistan – A Glimpse Past The Headlines

Aran grew up in northern Iraq until the age of 8. After he and his parents had moved to Germany, away from Iraq’s wars in the 1990s, he spent many summers in Kurdistan visiting his family. Five years ago, he asked his friend Richard in Berlin, if he would like to join a hiking trip to Kurdistan.

“I would have never, never ever expected him and his girlfriend to say yes. But it was just like that: ‘Hey guys, you wanna join me for trip to Kurdistan?’ And they were like: ‘Yeah, why not!’. And I was like: ‘Sure?! Okay, why not.’ And it was a wonderful trip.” They have different accounts of where and how the actual idea came to them to offer trips to Kurdistan. There might or might not have been a significant amount of beers involved.

SOURCE Sandals Fire Hiking

“The SOURCE Sandals are great between ascends in the mountains and in the camps. The reflective elements help finding the sandals in the dark of the night.”

Following The Old Paths Of The Peshmerga

Fact is, they couldn’t find an agency that offered the kind of trip to Kurdistan they enjoyed: “There is a lot of travel agencies offering individual trips and tours to several, exotic places on earth. But hiking in Kurdistan-Iraq, especially the tours that we will offer, following the old paths of the infamous Peshmerga is a quite unusual project.”

So they are now offering trips to Kurdistan, enjoying the beautiful nature AND the hospitality and cordiality of the Kurdish people. It’s about getting involved into the people’s life especially in the countryside. “The people, the Kurds you will meet there,” they explain, “are unbelievably hospitable and interested in an exchange between cultures which never really got in touch. And that is what makes GWK (Go Wild Kurdistan) unique in its own way.”

Kurdistan Landscape

Beautiful Kurdistan Landscape

Small Groups, Intense Experience

The tours will have a duration of 8/9 days depending on the group size and some other circumstances. A mixture of hiking (3 to 4 days), kayaking (2 days), some sight spotting (ancient places) and workshop like meetings about environmental awareness and gathering with local villagers for cultural exchange. The group will consist of max. 10 people.

Of course, they are aware of all the questions and doubts people have when they hear about Kurdistan as a holiday destination – but: “We believe in what we do!”

SOURCE Hydration Hike Pause Drink

“The weave covered drinking tube is a great SOURCE idea. This way the first sips stay cooler in the sun.”

SOURCE Hydration & Sandals For All Adventures

We at SOURCE are proud Richard and Aran chose SOURCE Sandals and SOURCE Hydration Systems for their trips in the wild outdoors. Good luck guys with your project from the SOURCE team – and keep us posted!


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“Convenient to hang thanks to the plastic handle at the top of the SOURCE Widepac”


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