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  1. Brian Lohrey
    Brian Lohrey at |

    My sandals were purchased in Tasmania in the early 1990s .
    They have been worn sailing every weekend and more over a period of at least14 years. They were continuously getting wet in salt water then drying naturally . Always were comfortable wet or dry!
    Now some 25 years later I am still wearing my old sandals even though I have purchased a new pair.
    My old sandals are looking well worn around the heel strap lining and the under soles are beginning to crack,…green dots are still visible but can’t be 100% sure of the ID numbers. looks like 0415?
    Would highly recommend Source sandals to anyone!
    They are made to a high standard using quality long lasting materials.

  2. David
    David at |

    The best sandals you guys ever made were the city ones with cork. A Shame you don’t make them any more. I loved them!

  3. Robert B.
    Robert B. at |

    Such a coincidence as I’ve just replaced my source Stream sandals which I bought from Field & Trek in London’s Covent Garden in I reckon 1999. They are without doubt the best sandals I’ve ever owned yet they are so hard to find here in the U.K. ( which is a shame as your competitors sandals just do not compare in my opinion). My sandals have been with me literally all over the world and it will be sad to say goodbye to them! I tried to order the replacements from you direct but unfortunately your website would not accept my credit card but I managed to get a pair from your U.K distributor Bramwell International who apart from not having a huge selection were amazingly quick in sending my order out.

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