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  1. Brian Lohrey
    Brian Lohrey at |

    My sandals were purchased in Tasmania in the early 1990s .
    They have been worn sailing every weekend and more over a period of at least14 years. They were continuously getting wet in salt water then drying naturally . Always were comfortable wet or dry!
    Now some 25 years later I am still wearing my old sandals even though I have purchased a new pair.
    My old sandals are looking well worn around the heel strap lining and the under soles are beginning to crack,…green dots are still visible but can’t be 100% sure of the ID numbers. looks like 0415?
    Would highly recommend Source sandals to anyone!
    They are made to a high standard using quality long lasting materials.

  2. David
    David at |

    The best sandals you guys ever made were the city ones with cork. A Shame you don’t make them any more. I loved them!

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