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Richard Bowles – Supported by SOURCE

On April 17 Richard Bowles started his attempt to run the full length of the Israel National Trail. That is 1,009 km the Richard Bowles way: in only 12 days. Proudly supported by SOURCE Hydration. Find here all information, videos, pictures about this amazing journey! As the events unfold, we keep updating this page. Come back for more!



The last KM ...

Congratulations from all of us at SOURCE! Adventure Runner Richard Bowles finished his Israel National Trail Run in Kibbutz Dan. What an amazing project this was.



Richard Bowles on Israel National Trail

After his recovery from a heavy infection, Richard is back on the Israel National Trail, covering more than 150 km of the remaining 400 km in only two days. If all goes well, we see him crossing the finish-line on Thursday, May 9!

The medical out for Richard Bowles was a big blow – but not the end of the INT Run. If the recovery goes as planned, Richard will return after one week of resting to the trail!

RIchard Bowles resting in Tel Aviv«My girlfriend Vickie held me up for the final 2km as my leg kept giving way due to the infection.» – Richard Bowles had to take the painful decision to let go of the 12-days challenge.
opendeertWatch the short daily videos to get some idea of what Richard Bowles, his girlfriend and partner Vickie and the whole team went through every day.
"The pack 'disappears' into the body as if it were part of it."Are you thinking about getting a new Hydration System for this season? See what Meir Kanner, a consultant, researcher and coach in endurance sports, has to say about our DUNE Hydration Pack – the same pack Richard Bowles is using for his INT Run.

Richard running into the nightAlmost half of the days on the board marked off, Richard Bowles surely hopes the toughest part is already behind him. The Israel National Trail does not spare him anything so far.
Richard visiting SOURCE factory & offices: Getting his Spinner Hydration Pack customizedRichard Bowles is on his way, with 1,009KM and 12 days of running and suffering ahead. We’ll be right at his side and we’ll have daily pictures and videos on Facebook.

Richard Source Spinner PROAs day 1 of Richard Bowles’ 1,009km run gets closer and closer, we’re looking into some more details of the ambitious project: How is Richard getting his hydration organized..?

Israel National Trail Run Richard Bowles LOGOSource proudly supports adventure runner Richard Bowles’ next project: Running the full length of the Israel National Trail, 1,009 km, in only 12 days.


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